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Far From Weak

Album Info

      I began writing songs at the age of seven. I was always a very shy child growing up. I didn’t sing in public until I was sixteen years old. My own family, including my parents, had not even heard me sing until my first public performance at that time. 

     I didn’t come from a historically musical family. My maternal grandmother was a singer, songwriter, and organist, but she was really the only family member that was close enough to being serious about music. Unfortunately, my grandmother succumbed to Alzheimer's disease at the age of 68. Although I was young when she passed away, I still feel a connection to her through songwriting, her poetry, and the music she left behind. She had written most of her lyrics in a notebook labeled with “A Book To Be” on the spine.

     After my grandfather had passed years later, I found one of the same books, unopened and wrapped with plastic, in a box of her belongings. Since finding the notebook, it has been my lyric book ever since. (Yes, it is falling apart at the seams. But the pages smell so good!)

     I always believed that “A Book To Be” could have two meanings. The first meaning is composing a work that has yet to exist. The second meaning that always came to mind was a place to free your ideas and your deepest thoughts. It’s a free space to let go of the angels or demons occupying your mind. It is an empty playground for you to run wild, be free, and most importantly, be yourself.

      All of the lyrics and songs on this album were written in my very own book to be. It has always been hard for me to open my emotions up to others, but through my music and my songs, I’m ready to let you all know who I am.

Album Credits

Written by Cierra Cellerari and Chris Iorio

Produced by Joe Loftus, Jay Preston, Cierra Cellerari, and Chris Iorio

Recorded at JL Studios, Olyphant, PA

Lyrics by Cierra Cellerari

Music by Cierra Cellerari and Chris Iorio

Guitar, Chris Iorio, Rob Husty, Joe Loftus

Bass, Chris Iorio, Zachary Jones

Piano, Chris Iorio

Drums, James Wesley, Tim Husty, Jared Matushoneck

Percussion, Jay Preston

Thank you

Thank you to my mom and dad for always believing in me, for always being my number one fans, and for being my biggest supporters.

Thank you to my brother Anton for his love and support and to my nieces Ashlynn and Bealla and my nephew Dominick. You are the light of my world.

Thank you to Crystal for being my best friend through so many years of changes, heartbreaks, and joys. You always see the best in me when I cannot see it in myself. 

Chris, this album would not have been possible without you. You believe in me when I don’t have the strength to believe in myself.

Thank you to my college vocal instructor Susan Minsavage who pushed me to realize my worth as a vocalist and as a performer. I’m eternally grateful to you.

To my extended family and friends who continue to love and support me.

I love you all more than you could ever know. You are all my inspiration.


Special thanks to Joe Loftus, Jay Preston, JL Studios,  Zach Jones, James Wesley, Tim Husty, Rob Husty, Jared Matushoneck.

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